A Helpful Guide in Buying a Lighted Makeup Mirror

We all know that good quality lighting and focus are vital factors in every makeup and beauty preparations. And every girl knows that having a good lighted makeup mirror will dramatically improve their makeup and close-up applications, making them feel more attractive and more confidents of themselves. But there are several types of designs and styles of makeup mirrors out there, and choosing the right one may be difficult initially. So, we have compiled a best lighted makeup mirror buying guide to help you select the best beauty mirror.

But before that, here are some things you may want to reconsider before buying a beauty or makeup mirror.the lighted make mirror

What are the types of makeup mirrors?

Just like any other things, there are several types and styles of makeup mirrors out there. And choosing one may be tricky, but once you get the idea and know exactly what you need, selecting one may not be that hard.

Small-sized beauty mirror is a portable type of makeup mirror. It is designed to be compact and small enough to be carried whenever you travel and move around. This handheld makeup mirror is small and lightweight but can still show your whole face. Usually this type of makeup mirror has a magnified mirror allowing you to see more details of your face.

Medium-sized makeup mirror is bigger than the compact type. It can either be fixed or portable, but are usually the type of mirrors that can be hanged on the wall or are found on top of a table. It allows you to see more as compared to the compact makeup mirror but still focus more on your face. It is a free standing type which is advantageous as this let you move the mirror to a location where there is a good source of natural light.

Large-sized mirror is the kind of makeup mirror that is wall mounted and/or fixed to your dressers. It is big enough to let you look your entire body or at least your upper body. This is the perfect type if you want to see how your makeup will look for your outfit for the day. Its downside however is, you cannot carry this enormous mirror with you if you need to have a good natural light.

When natural light is quite hard to have, you may need to invest or at least have a good lighting and not just your usual light bulbs or fluorescent lights hanging on your ceiling. you may have to get yourself a lighted beauty mirror. If you need help in getting an illuminated makeup mirror, here is the best lighted makeup mirror guide to help you out.

Things to think over before buying a lighted makeup mirror.

As mentioned above, makeup mirror may come in different sizes and styles. Thus, it is imperative to know your need before getting yourself an illuminated makeup mirror.

Do you travel a lot? Are you always on the go? Does your work require you to travel more frequently? If you answer yes to all of these three, then the most suitable makeup mirror for you is a compact sized makeup mirror. Not only is this type of makeup mirror portable, you can even put it on your smaller bags. Plus, you do not need to worry if you lack natural light source in your room, as you can carry it and choose the perfect location when doing your makeup or having a retouch. Moreover, some models of compact mirrors can be flipped and can magnify your face, allowing you to see some imperfection in your application.

If you are the travelling type but carries a lot of bags and stuff, a sturdy and shatter-free glass is a must buy. This has the feature of the small-sized makeup mirror but is perfect for those who packs a lot as this glass can take all the beating even when you are in transit most of the time.

Are you someone who does your makeup only at home? A good wall-mounted lighted mirror may just be the right thing for you. Since it is fixed, it allows you to focus more on your beautification and not having to worry about any distortion or movements. However, if your mounted makeup mirror is not lighted, you may have to get yourself a good light to help you apply your makeup. You may also choose the adjustable type as this type can be extended, swiveled and tilted whenever you need to have a good angle.

For those who want something in between, the medium sized is the best option for you. It can be carried (but not as portable as smaller ones) and can be mounted on the wall or could be countertop. You can move it from one location to another for a good natural light but take caution when doing so it may not be as sturdy as a shatter free glass. It may be more versatile than the bigger type but not as moveable as smaller makeup mirrors.

Another thing to consider when you are thinking of buying a makeup mirror is the location where you are going to place it. This is especially true if you are planning to get a medium sized mirror or even the bigger ones. If you are planning to place lighted makeup mirror in your bathroom, make sure that its glass is fog resistance and is water proof as well.

Your makeup mirror will ultimately suffer water build ups over time if its glass is not coated. And when this happens, you can no longer see much on your mirror and may have to get yourself a new one. And since you are using it on your bathroom or shower room, water may splash on your lighted makeup mirror accidentally and if it is not waterproofed then it may cause serious problems. You may get electrocuted if you are not careful with your lighted makeup mirror.

Lastly, it has to be rust resistant. Water can and will corrode your lighted makeup mirror station, and if it is not protected from the water then bye-bye makeup station.

Other things to reconsider:

You may think of a lighted makeup mirror that has a multiple magnification as this allows you catch finer details without having to strain your eyes. If you are always moving your makeup station, get a cordless lighted makeup mirror. This gives you more freedom and versatility. Also check the lights you need. Some lighted makeup mirrors have LED bulbs while others need fluorescent. Lastly, are you willing to spend more for a lighted makeup mirror or are you looking for something within your budget. Always remember to buy things for their worth.

So there you have it, a best lighted makeup mirror buying guide, hope this helps you in choosing your beauty mirror.


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