Choosing The Best Book Light and 5 Tips on Using it

I love to read but I hate to stop when it is time to turn out the lights. This makes reading hard, since I have to read in the dark. Can you do that? I can’t. So, of course I will either go into another room, or I will have to put my book away and suffer not knowing what is going to happen next. I decided it was time that I investing the best book light that will help me read in bed, without having to worry about turning off the light and being in the dark about the next scene in the story.Best Book Light

So I checked into what my options were and came up with some of these devices when it came to which ones might be the best to go with. If you’re having a problem like mine, or a similar one, then I highly recommend considering a book light for reading in bed. It just might save your literary life because it saved mine. Now I am free to read until my heart is contented.

1. Brightness

This is the number one reason you’re getting a book light, so you need to make sure it is going to stand up to the test. When the lights go out, you need to be able to see the pages on the book, no matter what size the letters on the page are. The brighter, the better but not the harsher on the eyes.

2. Durability

The construction of the light is going to make a difference for how long it is going to last when you’re using it. You do not want to lose out on quality reading time because the light broke.

3. Ease of use

The light should not be overly complicated, should allow you to maneuver it to where you want it to point and it should easily clip onto the pages. You want to have something that you can use easily.

4. Battery life

The amount of time you get out of the light matters when you’re a heavy reader, like me. You want to make sure you’re also not spending thousands of dollars on batteries because they do not last nearly long enough. The longer the battery life, the better for all involved.

You want to find a book light that will easily clip onto the book so that you’re ready to flip the pages under the little lamp provided. LED lights that are soft and gentle on the eyes, but bright enough so you are not straining to see the words on the pages. This puts more enjoyment into reading in bed. Find one that is non-flickering and has a stable base so you can ensure that it is standing strong on the pages while you read. Portability and flexibility is another factor you will want to consider.

Once you have decided on the book light that fits your needs here are 5 tips to using it.

  1. Clip your book light to the pages of your book or attach it to your glasses. Depending on the type of light you have settled on you will need to set it up. Don’t miss out on a great feature because you weren’t sure how it worked. It’s not a flashlight after all.
  2. Flex the light as you need so that you can get the best out of your new book light. Flexibility is a feature available with all the good book lights so take advantage of it.
  3. Change The brightness level to accommodate those around you. If you have settings on your book light, make sure that you are being considerate when next to your partner or on a plane. After all, it is a handy feature available to you for just such an occasion.
  4. Remember to bring your charger or an extra set of batteries with you on the go. Whether you have chosen a rechargeable book light or a book light that needs replacement batteries make sure you have your back up method of power with you when you are on the go.
  5. Do not forget to bring it with you wherever you go. If you have chosen a light with extreme portability then you will want to make sure to never leave it at home because you never know when the possibility to use it will come up.

Don’t be a sucker that has to put the book down before you are ready. Invest in the best book light for you and enjoy your story until you are ready to stop.

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