Bottled Water Vs. Water Dispenser: Which Is Better for All-Around Use?

Drinking water that is both free from contaminants and health hazards as well as easy to access, plays an integral role in today’s fast-paced life. Not many people have the luxury of time as well as effort to acquire drinking water from somewhere else or through a process.

Thus this brings about the introduction of alternative ways to acquire fast and clean water. Among the most effective mediums of fast drinking water is through bottled water and through water dispensers.

However with the huge difference among these two sources of drinking water, which is one is more effective for all-around use?

So for this article, we’ll try to figure out which one is better for everyday use – the bottled water vs. water dispenser.a water dispenser at home

Bottled Water Vs. Water Dispenser: The key benefits

For us to be able to make a clear decision on which is better among the two, let us first study their advantages and benefits.


The primary advantage and benefit of using either of the twoarethat drinking water will be easily accessible anytime. Since these drinking water sources are contained in a durable plastic, water won’t be wasted or spilled. Probably the only considerable difference from bottled water with a water dispenser is that bottled water is more portable and can be taken anywhere. Whereas, water dispensers are more of like the fixed type of water supply.

However, there are many water dispensers that are definitely portable and can be brought around. When looking to buy a water dispenser with convenience and portability in mind, always make sure to consider the total tank capacity of the unit. The bigger the tank, the heavier it gets and its portability feature decreases.


Another great benefit of using either of the two options is that they help in reducing toxic wastes to the environment. The water dispenser in particular totally eliminates the use of plastic bottles which greatly helps the environment. Water bottles, on the other hand, may not be a very good option to take when considering its effects onthe environment since it uses plastic to contain the water.

However, recent developments have been made to allow plastic bottles from water bottles to be easily recycled and even easily decomposed via certain processes and procedures. Regardless if it’s bottled water or a water dispenser, how the person disposes ofthese units after use is what affects the environment. If the bottles or containers are not disposed ofproperly then it can cause dangers to the environment.

However,if a person is responsible enough to dispose oftheir wastes properly then environment toxicity from water bottles and containers can be reduced.


Another key benefit of using either of these options is that they help save on the budget. The water bottle, in particular, costs much less than the water dispenser and can even be purchased with just less than a dollar. Depending on the level of consumption, however, buying water bottles can occur more frequent which in total can be a bit costly.

The water dispenser, on the other hand, requires a one-time expensive purchase cost however in the long-run saves on the budget. The person will only have to worry about refilling the tank or changing the water tank whenever it is depleted.


Another benefit of using any of these water supply options is that they are easily available almost everywhere. Water bottles most especially can be purchased from almost anywhere and are available in cold or in normal temperature. In this regard, the water dispenser may not be a great option seeing that it is often fixed at a certain place and may not be always available in stores.

Hot and cold feature

Unfortunately, water bottles are unable to provide hot water anytime. However, cold water bottles can be acquired from anywhere just as long as the water bottle remains stored in a fridge or cooler. It is also not advised to heat a water bottle whenever looking to have the water hot since the plastic bottle can melt and can even cause a chemical reaction to the water.

In this regard, water dispensers are the excellent option since they can serve water that is hot, cold or atroom temperature. Since these units are fixed and sometimes mounted, they can be plugged to a nearby power supply where it can process water.

Other features

One good feature for the water bottle is the straw or easy-sip feature which allows the person to drink from the bottle directly without opening the cap. This feature is excellent for athletes who are always doing activities such as running, walking, or even when riding a bike. Of course,this feature can’t be used with the water dispenser since it uses a water outlet which serves like a faucet and the unit is not portable.

On the other hand, water dispensers can also have filtration systems which allow them to secure water even from an unclean water source. It comes with a filtration system that effectively sieves the dirty water of any contaminants and dirt and converts the water to clean and potable water. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be used on water bottles due to its size. However, many types of researchand tests are being made today in the pursuit of making water bottles equipped with filters.


As for our final thoughts, we do believe that water dispensers are the obvious choice in this comparison of bottled water vs. water dispenser. The firstreason is that it is eco-friendly and does not involve the constant use of plastic bottles – simply a cup or any container will do when using a water dispenser to secure water.

Also, water dispensers are inexpensive. Water bottles are not very durable and sometimes can be thrown easily which brings about frequent purchase. Whereas the water dispenser only requires a single purchase and few repurchases whenever refilling the water tank.

Lastly, water dispensers have cold, hot and room temperature feature which are among the commonly used features by users. With these features, water is not only used for drinking but it can also be used for cooking, heating or preparingfood.

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