Living well and staying healthy. The two fit together like hand-in-glove.

But when an injury or illness arises, the options, recommendations and treatments fit together more like a puzzle with many pieces. And to make the decisions that are right for your situation, you need accurate, easy-to-understand information.

That is why Medical Moment was developed under the direction of Columbia St. Mary’s and Advanced Healthcare of Milwaukee. Launched in September 2002, the site is unique because it shares the expertise of local physicians and other health care providers.

Each month, Medical Moment focuses on a key health topic and you’ll find out what the Columbia St. Mary’s and Advanced Healthcare doctors, who are experts on that month’s subject, are telling their patients.

To further tailor the health care information to what you would most like to know, Medical Moment hosts periodic online chats with the physicians. Through these chats and the site’s many physician interviews, you’ll get to know the doctor’s perspective.

Perhaps you’ll even want to seek care from a physician whose views complement your outlook about how to stay healthy. The Find a Physician and Archives sections of this site will get you started in locating health care providers who are a good match.

Medical Moment also is a resource of information gathered from respectable sources and organized for easy reading:

• You’ll get the facts to clear up common misperceptions, and to better understand medical terms and procedures.

• Find out what you need to know to measure the risks that you or a loved one face regarding a particular condition.

• Know the signs to watch for and when to call the doctor’s office.

• The physicians also give you insight into today’s treatments and suggest ways you can help yourself to feel better and avoid an injury or illness.

• Each month, take the quiz for a quick check-up on key health facts.

The site’s credible information strengthens your sense of empowerment and fuels your motivation to live healthier. This convenient access to the knowledge and experience of trusted physicians and your desire to play an active role in managing your health care make Medical Moment a perfect fit.

Developed under the direction of Columbia St. Mary’s and Advanced Healthcare of Milwaukee, Wis., is designed for educational purposes and is not intended to render medical or professional services. The information presented on is not meant to substitute for a visit or consultation with your own health care provider. If you have questions or concerns about your own health, please consult a physician.