How to Take a Temperature- adult and children normal temperature

What average temperature? The normal body temperature changes and can be instigated by exercise, eating, or sleeping and even the time of day. Body temperature is highest early evening and lowest in the initial hours of the morning.

The normal average body temperature is 37ºC (98.6ºF) taken by an oral thermometer- anywhere between 36.5ºC and 37.2ºC (97.7ºF and 99ºF) can be considered normal. When taken in the armpit the temperatures are 0.2ºC to 0.3ºC lower than this.

Fever in adults the body temperature can rise to 38ºC (100.4ºF) or above.  how to check temperature

What causes fever?

The immune system releases certain chemicals caused by illness as a result of infection or inflammation. Fever is one of the general symptoms that someone is ill and the cause should always be established.

What type of thermometer to use?

For armpit and mouth temperature reading uses a digital thermometer as fever strips and pacifier’s thermometer do not give an accurate temperature reading. Mercury thermometer is toxic in case it break thus don’t use it.

Always check with a pharmacist before buying a thermometer as they will help you select the best type of thermometer for the method you choose. Always clean the baby thermometer with cool and soapy water and don’t forget to rinse off before and after use except for ear thermometer.

How to take a child’s temperature?

The best place to take child’s temperature is under the armpit, in the mouth, in the ear and the bum. Always take the child’s temperature whichever way she is comfortable with, and appropriate for their age. A health provider will offer more advice on how to take the baby temperature.

Make sure you read and follow the guidelines and instruction each time you use a different type or brand of child thermometer.

Axillary (under the armpit)

This method is mostly used with newborns ad young children’s, where you place the tip of the thermometer in the center if the armpit. When taking the reading makes sure the child’s arm is tucked closely against their body. The thermometer should be left in the place for about minute, until the beep, remove and read the temperature.

Oral method-thermometer in the month

The oral thermometer is used for kids older than five years of age. In the mouth, the temperature reading is not recommended for kids younger than five years even if the manufacturer recommends. Place the tip of the thermometer under the child’s tongue; the kid’s mouth closed and leaves it for 60 second or until it beep. The remove and read the temperature.

Tympanic method in the ear

This method is for kids older than two years. It’s a quick way to use and can produce a temperature reading too low even if the manufacturer’s instruction is followed.

How to check temperature using tympanic method

  • Clean the tip and follow the manufacturer’s instruction carefully.
  • Tug on the ear gently, and pulling it back. This helps straighten the ear canal making a path inside the ear to the eardrum.
  • Place the thermometer in the ear until the ear canal is full closed off.
  • Then Cuddle and hold down the knob for 1 second and remove the thermometer and read the temperature.

Rectal method-rectum or bum thermometer.

This method is used for newborns and you children. Only use the rectal thermometer if you are comfortable doing so. When using the rectal cover the thermometer silver tip with Vaseline. Place the baby on their back and knees bent. Gently insert the rectal thermometer about an inch, hold with the fingers and leave I for 60 seconds until it beep. Remove the thermometer and read the temperature.

Note: After using the thermometer to take a rectal temperature, don’t use it to take an oral temperature.

How to check the temperature -adult’s temperature?

Adult temperature can be taken by mouth, in the ear or the under the armpit. The adult armpit technique is less accurate and normally used if the person is extremely drowsy and the other method is not fit. The same guideline when taken kids temperatures are to be followed.

To conclude:

How to check temperature if you didn’t have a thermometer?

There are common signs as well as symptoms that your body temperature goes above the normal level. Although the symptoms vary among individuals, they may come and go as long as your temperature is high. The common signs to check if a thermometer is not available are skin feel hot to touch, flushed skin, shivering, feeling hot and cold and other symptoms such as feeling tired and week. These symptoms aren’t how to check the temperature on their own.

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