How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Black Hair

It’s great when you can flaunt a beautiful hair every day. You may want to settle for kinks and curls, but sometimes it’s good to try a straight hair for a change. To be able to achieve it, of course, you need the help of a flat iron. This tool is everything and then some. It’s not just a device that is solely for the purpose of hair straightening, but it is also multipurpose. It can also be used for hair styling.

Now, if your hair is naturally black, you can choose a variety of flat irons. What are some of the types of the best flat irons for black hair that you can opt, by the way?best Flat Iron for Black Hair

1. Tourmaline

You might notice that whenever you buy a certain hair ironing product at a store, you come across the word “tourmaline” in its label. For some, this word might be a stranger, but many hair enthusiasts are already familiar with it. Tourmaline is in fact, a hair styling tool that possesses prismatic crystals.

These crystals are usually added in the tool after they are powdered because they are helpful properties when it comes to smoothening the hair cuticles. These crystals also prevent you against heat damage that may cause hair frizz.

Now if your hair is naturally fine but tightly coiled, this type of flat iron is one of the best options that you can consider. Compared to other types, this prevents itself from catching on your hair and making the hair straightening and hair styling quite complicated.

2. Titanium

There are also flat irons that have titanium plates with them and these flat irons are usually top rated and best sellers. Flat irons with titanium properties sell out best because of the high level of flatness and sheen that they bring out to the hair. If you consider this type of flat iron, you have to take note of its wide variation of settings.

You can count on it if you want a precise heat because it allows you to have a full control of its heat level. This also gives you an advantage if you want your hair to be damage-free. Most hair enthusiasts are concerned about the ultra-high heat and corrosion possibilities.

These will never happen if you have a flat iron with titanium because this type of flat iron has the capability to prevent those things from happening, which means that you can trust it if you want your hair to be properly taken care of. Does flat iron with titanium be a good candidate if your hair is straight (relaxed), 3C, or type 4? Definitely yes.

3. Ceramic

One of the flat irons that continuously gain more and more popularity is the ceramic flat iron. This type of iron is saleable in the market, ranging from entry level to high professional level. The thing about a ceramic flat iron is that it pretty much does its job if you want to produce a heat quickly and in a matter of minutes. Compared to other types of flat irons, a ceramic flat iron is known for its good staying power and plates that really last. Basically, this flat iron possesses good materials to keep it long-lasting.

You have to know, however, that a ceramic flat iron also has some fair share of drawbacks and one of these is the ability of the plates to chip over the course of time. When this instance happens, you have no other choice but to replace the device.

Ceramic flat iron is also known for its different types. There are ceramic flat irons that have different materials used. Some are those with metal properties as well as ceramic coatings. There are also flat irons with an additional coating on the top portion. One of the great traits of a ceramic iron is its ability to provide a heat that is with a consistent temperature. This type of flat iron also doesn’t bother you of getting hot spots, so all is good when you use it to straighten or style your black hair.


Which is the best flat iron for black hair as a whole? Out of the three types of flat irons that are mentioned above, the most popular and the most saleable in the market is the ceramic flat iron. This type of flat iron is also the most available one. Hair enthusiasts mostly opt for this device because of its consistent ability and safe use. Its ability to distribute the heat evenly across the surface is one of the reasons why it is a good choice for your hair.

So if you want to be ensured that you are using the flat iron that provides a good hair straightening and hair styling experience, go for the flat iron that suits you. You can choose any of the above, a ceramic flat iron is always highly recommended.

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