How Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Works

Essential oil diffusers continue to get more remarkable each day because of the benefits that they give to everyone. This piece of therapeutic gadget earns attention, especially for its multiple purposes. The best aromatherapy diffuser works in a lot of ways. But first, you should know that there are different types of oil diffusers and each of them differs when it comes to how they work.

Below are the types of diffusers and their qualities and their qualities and operations.

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1. Nebulizing Diffuser

Considered the most powerful type of diffuser, a nebulizing diffuser makes it easy for you to use. This type of diffuser attaches directly to the bottle of an essential oil. You do not have to prepare anything. Just turn it on with the flip of a switch and voila, you are good to go. It is because this is the type of diffuser does not require you to use heat or water in order for the essential oil to be diffused into the air. Just by using an atomizer, you can create a fine mist of essential oils and enjoy it as it blows into the air.

Most commonly, a nebulizing diffuser is used in hospitals for clients with respiratory problems. One should be able to use it by inhaling the mist through the mouth or the nose. It is very useful since it encourages a continuous stream of essential oils to be inhaled.

A nebulizing diffuser is an ideal choice for everyone because it allows a stronger concentration of the essential oils. It is also noted for its ability to diffuse up to 1,000 square feet for more models. In addition, the aroma that it provides linger beautifully. It is even, in fact, known for its ability to cover paint smell after a 10-minute interval. A nebulizing diffuser is an advantage if you are a night owl since it doesn’t use light.

There are, however, downsides when using a nebulizing diffuser. Compared to other types of diffusers, a nebulizing diffuser creates much noise. However, the loud noise that it creates is not at all bothersome. A nebulizing diffuser is also a lot expensive compared to other types. It also requires more oils in order for it to work properly. And not only that. It also requires you to use blended oils. Therefore, you have to be more knowledgeable about oils to be able to know how to properly make this device work. Take note that this type of diffuser also requires you to clean it regularly for longer use.

2. Ultrasonic Diffuser

Otherwise known as a humidifying diffuser, an ultrasonic diffuser basically has the same traits with the nebulizing diffuser. It is a safe diffuser to use since it only uses water. Aside from its safe operation, it is also a multi-purpose diffuser. It can be used as a humidifier, so if you are living in a cold area, this diffuser can be very useful.

When using an ultrasonic diffuser, you have to take note that you cannot use a citrus oil. Citrus oils can cause erosion on the ultrasonic parts. What’s great about this diffuser is the fact that it’s economical. It is not as expensive as the nebulizing diffuser.

Like the nebulizing oil, you also need to maintain it by cleaning it every now and then. The purpose of doing this is to assure that it will work for a longer period of time. Some ultrasonic diffusers have lights that cannot be turned off, though, so it is quite a bother for those people who want to use it at night.

3. Evaporative Diffuser

An evaporative diffuser is known for its basic operation. This type of diffuser works when a fan blows air through the help of either a filter or a pad. A fan uses essential oils which are dropped into the pad. The air that is produced by the fan is the one that is distributed to the room.

There is an evaporative diffuser that does not require a fan to produce an air around the room and this type of evaporative diffuser is the one that resorts to the air that surrounds the room. This type of evaporative diffuser is most especially ideal for rooms that are smaller when it comes to space. Examples of these are personal diffusers like accessories, personal oil inhalers, or pens.

An evaporative diffuser is ideal for rooms. However, there is a major flaw of this type of diffuser. When using this, you can only enjoy the benefits at the end of the diffusing process since the lighter components of the essential oil is highly delivered at the start but the higher components will be delivered when the process is almost over.

4. Heat Diffuser

A heat diffuser is noted to be the same with the evaporative diffuser when it comes to its functionality. However, a heat diffuser differs because instead of using a fan to blow the air, it instead uses heat. A heat diffuser is actually good to use and when it comes to price, it is way cheaper compared to other types of diffusers.

However, it is not always a good option because of safety issues. Aside from that, you may not gain the complete benefits of this diffuser because the chemical compound that is present usually changes when it comes into contact with heat.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers work in a lot of ways. The following are some of their advantages:

  1. Aromatherapy diffusers have the ability to purify the air. It’s because the essential oils that are mixed to the diffuser give a purifying effect, warding off bacteria and fungus in the air.
  2. Aromatherapy diffusers eliminate dust in the air. These diffusers have an ionizing effect that improves the quality of the air.
  3. Aromatherapy diffusers humidify the air. They work by atomizing the water and the essential oils, making the air well-humidified.

All in all, the best aromatherapy diffuser brings out such amazing benefits. Each type works differently and each has pros and cons, but overall, these devices are one of the many things that are not just helpful to the environment but also to the person’s health.

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